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Kids learning app is a cheerful, informational and very easy to use the educational app. Kids app is
the best academic app for your toddler that helps him learn English alphabets (ABC), numbers
(123) and colors in the easiest way. This app includes the sound of words on pressing the
next button. Kids app is a free to use and simple academic app to help your kid learn alphabets
with sound.
Kids Abc game assists your children to learn with fun and joy. Toddlers, preschoolers and
kindergarteners all can acquire knowledge of multiple types of things from this one single app.
Preschoolers can retain know-how from book free for age 8 and up. Your children can learn
reading from the kid’s zone app. Recognition of alphabets, letters, and colors with amazing sounds is
made easier in kids learning apps.
Kids are enthusiastic to learn counting, names of colors and ABC at this age. Kids learning app is
designed and developed to encourage your children to learn alphabets with objects completely
free of cost. This kid’s app also offers a portion of the quiz for your child which makes your child gain
and retain the knowledge in a way that is full of fun. This app includes 4 important modules to
help concentrate your kid in learning.

Features of Kids Learning app include:

✓ Intuitive graphics which helps in learning more eagerly.
✓ Alphabets portion has images in it with alphabets and sound which helps in
✓ A-Z alphabets with colorful backgrounds make learning fun for kids.
✓ High-quality content can be seen in kid’s games and kids ABC.
✓ Cartoon characters are added in kid’s car games, kids cooking games, kid’s doctor
games, and drawings.
✓ Learning numbers with cartoon characters seek the attention of your toddlers.
✓ Learning names of colors with sounds is fun.
✓ Quiz portion helps your toddler to remind what he has just learned.
✓ Learning addition is made easier in this app.
✓ The next page is displayed easily just after pressing a single button.

Your kids will have a good time playing and watching other games like kids in the kitchen,
kids Islamic learning apps, kids job games, kids offline games, kids poems, and video songs, kids
teacher app and kids cooking games to grow, study and acquire different skills.
This app is a kid’s English speaking and learning A kids, kids drawing with names of colors and
colorful characters. Kid’s bike games for boys, kid’s car games, kids fighting games, kid’s job
games and kid’s doctor games are included in the area of interest of boys. B kid’s bedtime stories
help your kids to relax while listening to them.
It’s never too early to start educating your child alphabets ABC and help them to identify
numbers, colors and start their training before they start going to school. Features like
attention-grabbing sound and arrow icons for easy swiping are included in the kids learning app.
This kids learning app is absolutely the sort of app that we want for our toddlers and
kindergarteners. So, don’t wait anymore, download this app and make your smartphone a
smart toy for your kid. We hope you will enjoy using this app!



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